Lost university card?

If you lose your university card, fear not! In order to start the process of ordering another one, please go to the College Office on Staircase 12 (or email college.office@bnc.ox.ac.uk ); it can take 3 to 4 business days for your replacement card to arrive. In the mean time there are two option to identify yourself at the tills:

1. Go to the IT Office (next to St Mary's staircase) and we'll activate your blue door fob to work at the tills.
2. If you have the Upay app on your phone, you can click on the "View" button next to your balance, which will bring up a QR code - if you ask the till operator to scan that code with the bar code reader on the till, it will identify you.

When your new card arrives, it'll automatically be activated for the tills within 24 hours.  If you activated your blue fob (step 1 above) it will continue to work as well.