Upay is the online service all Brasenose students use for paying batels, topping up balances on University cards and booking formal dinners. You can use your University Card to pay for hall meals as well as at Gerties Cafe and drinks in the Bar.

Logging in to Upay

Paying your batels with Upay

Booking onto events

Changing my Upay meal / event booking (e.g. Change of dietary requirements or to cancel a guest ticket)

Help! I've lost my university card! How do I pay for food?

Leaving Brasenose 🙁 ? How to close your Upay account and refund your remaining balance

Note about paying for food

Payment at the tills can be made by tapping your University card on the card reader. If you forget your card but have the Upay App on your phone, you can ask the operator of the till to scan the QR code that appears on the first screen when the app starts with the bar code reader. If the QR code does not appear immediately, you can pull it up by clicking the "View" button next to your balance.

PS. Should you find the pop up QR code on the app annoying, you can turn this pop up off by going to Account management in the sidebar menu and switching off the 'Show QR code on login' option.