Computer Rooms

There are several computer rooms available in Brasenose. To use these computers you will need your standard SSO credentials. For more information about different login types for various services, click here.

Facilities are available in:

Frewin Hall – Four terminals & one colour A4/A3 printer/copier

JCR  - Four terminals & two colour A4 laser printers

Libraries - Three terminals in the main library with colour A4/A3 printer/copier. Two terminals in the law library with colour A4/A3 printer/copier

HCR – Three terminals & one colour A4  printer



Upay is the service used to pay for meals in hall, book formals, and pay for batels.

You can find quides to using Upay here.



For instructions on how to print from any computer, including your own, to Brasenose printers, click here.

The Lodge, JCR , HCR and Frewin Computer Room have A4 colour (& double sided) printing facilities with paper provided. If these printers are out of paper please email 

In the Main Library and in the Stallybrass Library the printers have the same features as above, but also print in A3 and have photocopying facilities. If library printers are out of paper, please find a member of library staff.




Students have access to three photocopiers; two found in the libraries and the other in Frewin computer room.. All copiers are capable of both A4 and A3 scanning/copying in both monochrome and colour. Currently, scanning and photocopying is a free service.

Information on how to use Scan-to-Email can be found here.



Projectors and Teaching Rooms

Brasenose has a projector in LRXI attached to a PC - a login is required to operate this PC. All other teaching rooms have large touchscreen PCs that do not require a login. Wireless is also available in these rooms.

These rooms can be booked via the College Office.

There is also one portable projector and stand available, but this must be booked in advance and is not always available due to popular use. Please email the ICT Office ( to request use.



Loan Laptops

The College ICT office has a small number of Windows-based laptops that can be loaned to student members of the college for a fixed length of time time in the event of either theft or a failure of their personal device.

Further information on this service can be found here



Email and Office

As a member of the University you have an active subscription to Office 365 for free. This includes your oxford email address, and all office productivity software. For more information, click here.