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Important information regarding your new telephone

About your Gigaset

This phone is a simple, straightforward phone with very little functionality but is cordless and therefore allows you to carry the phone into different rooms as long as you remain within range of the base station.

People calling from external lines need to prefix your internal number as below:

  • For extensions beginning with 7 such as 77513, the full number is 01865 (2)77513
  • For extensions beginning with 1 such as 15902, the full number is 01865 (6)15902

You no longer need to dial 9 when calling an outside line. However, if you accidentally dial 9 it will still work for the first few months after the switch over.

Call Management

Making a Call

Making a phone call with your new phone works much the same way as with any other phone. Type in the number and then press the green button. To hang up, press the red button.

Call Log

The call log can be used to view missed calls plus any calls that have been recently made to or received by the phone. From the home screen press Calls and, using the navigation buttons, scroll through and select the appropriate option from “Missed”, “Dialled”, “Received” and “Forwarded” by pressing OK.

Scroll through the recorded call entries and press OK to dial the desired number.

If you have any missed calls, the envelope button on the phone will be flashing. Press this button to view your missed calls. You can press Options to copy a number to your phone directory, delete one missed call entry or delete the entire list of missed calls.