Unify 35G

Welcome to Chorus:

Important information regarding your new telephone

Call Management

Your telephone number can be found in the bottom left corner of your phone’s digital display and is shown as a five-digit extension number.

People calling from external lines need to prefix your internal number as below:

  • For extensions beginning with 7 such as 77513, the full number is 01865 (2)77513
  • For extensions beginning with 1 such as 15902, the full number is 01865 (6)15902

You no longer need to dial 9 when calling an outside line. However, if you accidentally dial 9 it will still work for the first few months after the switchover.

Making a Call

Making a phone call with your new phone works much the same way as with any other phone. You may either:

Dial the number and then lift the handset – the call will be made as soon as the handset is lifted.

Lift the handset, dial the number and press the OK button to make the call. If you do not press the OK button, the call will be made after a short delay.

You can quickly redial the last number you called by lifting the handset and pressing OK

Pick-up Groups

You may have requested to be made part of a pick-up group, in which case the Pick up button will flash on your phone if another member of the group is receiving a call. In order to take the call, lift the handset and press pick up. You will be connected instantly.


Call Log

The call log can be used to view missed calls plus any calls that have been recently made to or received by the phone.

With the handset down, press Messages, ensure “Call log” is selected and press OK.

Using the navigational arrow buttons, scroll through and select the appropriate option from “Missed”, “Dialled”, “Received” and “Forwarded” by pressing OK.

Scroll through the recorded call entries and press OK to dial the desired number.


Holding Calls

To put a caller on hold, simply press Hold. You can retrieve the call by pressing Hold again.


Do Not Disturb

Pressing DND will activate Do Not Disturb, meaning that anybody calling your number will automatically be transferred to voicemail. Phones with DND activated will have an illuminated DND button plus an icon on the digital display. To deactivate, press DND again and the light and icon will disappear.


Forwarding calls while away from your desk

To forward your number to another extension such as a colleague’s or mobile phone:

Press Forward and use the navigation button to scroll down to “set a forwarding destination” and press OK

The next screen will show “Enter destination” and will allow you to type the telephone number to which you wish to divert your number. Press OK to accept the number and activate the forwarding.

If you wish to forward your number to the same destination as last time you forwarded, simply press Forward and it will automatically use the last number.

Your phone’s display will show the  icon alongside the diversion number and the Forward button will be lit up red.

To cancel the forwarding, simply press Forward again and the red light will disappear. You will now see your own extension number on the display again.


Transferring calls to another number

To transfer an active call to another line, press Transfer and dial the extension of the person you wish to transfer the caller to before pressing OK. The caller will be put on hold while you make the transfer. You will then be put through to the number you dialled.

If the recipient answers their phone you can tell them who is calling and put your handset down. This will then connect the caller to the recipient of the transfer.

Your phone’s display will show “disconnect and return” while dialling the recipient, so if they do not answer it is possible to press OK and reconnect to the caller.

Note that if you simply hang up while the transfer is being made, the caller will be cut off and will have to call back.



Your phone allows you to create a conference call with up to three participants. To create a conference call:

Call the first participant. When they answer, press Conference. The first participant will be placed on hold while you dial the number of the second participant.

When the second participant answers, press Conference again. This should connect all participants, but you may instead see a message asking if you want to retrieve the call. If this is the case, press OK to retrieve and then wait about 8 seconds before pressing Conference one more time. You should now be connected to all participants of the conference.

Participants may leave the call at any time but if the person who set up the conference hangs up the call will be dropped completely.

A college-owned conference telephone is available for boardroom-style teleconferences. This can be connected in any teaching room throughout college (except Old Library and Tower Bursary) and will always have the same number regardless of where it is plugged in.

The number for the conference phone is 01865 615920 (or just 15920 if connecting internally) and is cleared for making international calls.

If you would like to use this phone, it can be booked through IT during term time, or through the Conference Office outside of term – when booking, please provide at least one working day’s notice.



Setting up voicemail PIN

For those with a person phone:

Visit the following URL and log in with your SSO: https://register.it.ox.ac.uk/self/chorus_pin

You will be prompted to enter a six-digit PIN which you will need whenever you check your messages. Please use a memorable number for your PIN, as local IT staff are unable to retrieve this for you if it is forgotten. Once you have successfully chosen your PIN, you will receive a confirmation message on screen and the PIN will become active after 10 minutes.

If you try to use your new PIN before it is ready, you will be advised that the voicemail password is not valid and your account will be locked after three attempts. If this happens, you need to wait for 30 minutes and try again – there is no need to contact support.

Received voicemails will also be sent to your University e-mail address.

For those with a non-person phone:

You will need to use the default PIN provided in the e-mail sent out by IT, if voicemail has been requested for your line. IT have set up your answer phone messages to be sent to your University e-mail address.



Checking your voicemail

When you receive a voicemail, the red indicator on your Messages button will be lit and your phone will display the  icon.

In order to check your messages, lift the handset and press Messages. You will be prompted to enter your PIN followed by #

You will then hear the details of your messages including the number of the caller plus the time the message was received. Follow the recorded instructions to listen to, save and delete these as appropriate.

Recording your name

The first time you log into your voicemail (see instructions under “Checking your voicemail” for how to log in) you will be asked to record your name which will be inserted into the default voicemail message. Follow the recorded instructions in order to record your message and access any other voicemail-related options.