Configure Office 365 on Android

This guide explains how to configure the built-in email app on an Android smartphone.

1. Open your mail app. If you do not currently have any email accounts configured in the app, go straight to step 2.

If you have any existing email accounts configured in the app, you’ll need to click the menu symbol in the top left-hand corner of the interface:

From the pop-out menu, click the cog symbol to open the settings menu:

Click add account under the Accounts section of the settings menu:

2. Select Office365

3.The Oxford Single Sign-On password page appears. Enter your Single Sign-On password, your SSO in the following format: bras****@OX.AC.UK

4. You will be prompted for your multi-factor authentication method. Complete your multi-factor process

5. Continue through and click on Apply for Security Settings

6. You may be asked for consent to grant Office 365 certain permissions over your phone. These are set by the University’s Nexus Administrator. If you are concerned by the permissions being requested, please do not proceed with adding the account to your phone. Adding a University email account to your personal device is done at your own risk.

If you are happy to grant the permissions, click Activate.

7. Once the permissions are accepted you should now see your inbox. Your email app is now configured.

8. To avoid synchronising the entire University address book to your smartphone, it is recommended that you change the synchronisation settings of your work mailbox to prevent the app from syncing contacts. From within the email app, click the menu icon.


From the pop-out menu, click the cog symbol to open the settings menu:

Click the mailbox you wish to configure:

Scroll down until you see your synchronisation settings. Ensure the slider to sync contacts is deactivated:

You can also use this menu to change your out of office, choose which mailbox folders to synchronise to your device and set the period of time over which your calendar will sync.