Office 365 Migration

Nexus to Office 365 Migration

Please note these guides are only relevant for accounts which have been migrated to Office 365 which will happen for all undergraduates and taught postgraduates on the evening 30th July 2018. Most postgraduates will have already migrated with their department and still may find this guide useful.

The University is moving away from its Nexus system for email and migrating all students to Office 365. You will hopefully receive a reminder on the day from the University IT services. Note that the migration happens overnight and there will be a loss of service between around 6pm and 5am. Email clients will need to be reconfigured as per the instructions found on this page after the migration has taken place. Information provided by the University IT Services can be found at

Office 365 Apps

Offline Office Apps

The new Office 365 system also includes access to the office software in a much easier fashion than before, for up to 5 devices. In order to install office apps on your Windows PC or Mac, head to from where you will be prompted to login. Use your email address (e.g. and SSO/Email password. This will then take you to a SSO login page, where you should login using your bras**** username and the same password. After this you will reach the Office 365 portal. Click the button on the right hand side to begin the download and installation process.

Office 365 Portal

Office Web Apps

In addition to the familiar offline office suite, Office 365 also provides access to the Office Web Apps, a service much like Google Docs, with direct integration into your OneDrive cloud storage account also provided by Office 365. In order to launch these apps, simply click on the relevant icon on the left hand side of the above portal page.