Office 365

All university students have access to a free subscription to Office 365.  This gets you the main office programs, plus Outlook, which will work seamlessly with your university emails.  Please don't buy your own Office software!

Accessing the free software is as simple as logging in to your Office portal, initially giving your college email address, and then entering your SSO credentials when you're redirected.

Here you can use Office software via the online apps, or you can use the button on the right to install them to your own PC or Mac for greater functionality and offline usage.  You can install these on up to 5 devices.



Office 365 also makes it inexcusable to not have a backup... Installing OneDrive creates a folder that sits in the sidebar in file explorer.  Backing up your files is as simple as copying them into this folder.  They then automatically synchronise with the cloud, where your subscription gets you 5 terabytes of storage (5000 GB!!!).  More advice for using OneDrive can be found here.