BNCGuest Wifi Network

The college has a wireless guest network, which you can use to access the World Wide Web and check your personal email. PLEASE NOTE: this is an open (unencrypted) network for general use; if you require secure access please activate your institution’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. If you require a secure connection and do not have access to a VPN service, please contact the IT office during working hours – details overleaf. This network is limited to 10Mb/s.

The guest pass you receive will be valid for 14 day(s) once activated and can be used on up to 3 devices.

Connecting to the network

Open your device’s list of available wifi networks and look for the “BNCGuest” network.

N.B You may see a dialogue box asking whether you wish to connect to an unsecured network. Select the option to accept the connection.

Some devices may open a login page automatically, if not please follow the steps below:

  1. Open a web browser and try to connect to any valid internet site ( for example).
  2. When the “Guest Pass” page appears, enter the ‘guest pass key’ (above) and click
  3. If successful the browser will display an “Authenticated” page. Your connection is now active.