Wireless Networks

College Public Networks

There are currently two main wireless networks throughout the college, Eduroam and BNCWiFi. Eduroam is a university wide wireless networks used mainly by students and academic staff which requires your Remote Access SSO (RASSO) login.  BNCWiFi is mainly for staff and conference use - students can use their Remote Access SSO (RASSO) username and password to login .

  • Sign in with Remote Access SSO
  • 12mbit/s (less at busy times)
  • Eduroam is an international wireless network.
  • Requires VPN to access some university services
  • In all university departments and hospitals.
  • Sign in with Remote Access SSO or Local Network Credentials for Staff
  • 18mbit/s
  • Wireless version of our internal wired network.
  • No VPN Required
  • Only available on Brasenose sites

Personal Wireless Access Points

For students with poor wireless coverage in their rooms, we can provide personal access points to set up a personal wireless network in their room.

These access points are available for free; visit the IT office to get one.

Go here for more information and setup instructions.

College Guest Wireless Internet Access

There is a college guest wireless network ("BNCGuest") and a University Visitor network ("OWL"). Logins are available from the lodge if you have a visitor requiring Internet access for only a few days.

Conference guests who are staying more than a few days will be provided with full network access credentials in arrival packs. Conference logins start usually with the 3 initials of your conference name. These credentials work with the secure wireless network "BNCWifi".