Joining the Brasenose Network – Guides for Students & SCR

In the summer of 2021 the College upgraded its wired and wireless network and replaced BNCWifi with BrasenoseWifi. This upgrade came with several improvements including:

  • One secure wireless password to connect all your wireless devices to the network.
  • Personal VLANs: all devices you join to the Brasenose network are part of your own personal, secure private network and can communicate with each other – just like your network at home.
  • Devices such as wireless printers, games consoles and smart devices (e.g. Amazon Echo) can now be easily connected to the network.
  • The ability to add wired devices that do not have a built-in web browser (e.g. some printers and games consoles) to the network.

The guides linked below contain details of how to onboard your devices to the new wireless and wired networks – please read through the instructions carefully and follow all steps in the relevant section before requesting IT support.  

Joining the BrasenoseWifi wireless network

Joining the Brasenose wired network

Joining the Brasenose wired network (for devices with no web browser e.g. printers)