Username Explanation

The SSO Logins

The first thing to note is that there are two similar usernames, and both have their own separate password.

Single Sign On (SSO) Username  -  e.g. bras****
Remote Access SSO (RASSO) Username - e.g. bras****@OX.AC.UK

The standard SSO login will have been configured by you when you received an email to a personal email account in the months leading up to starting at university. The Remote Access SSO (RASSO) login must be set by you once you have access to the standard SSO account at . See below for more information.

Single Sign On (SSO)

This is used to log in to:

  • Email Services - click here
  • Local computer terminals in college
  • Online university services (weblearn, SOLO etc)
  • WebPrint

Remote Access SSO (RASSO)

This is used to log in to:

  • Eduroam (Wireless Network)
  • BNCWiFi (Wireless Network)
  • Wired Ethernet connection in rooms
  • One time registration of personal wireless access points
  • VPN Services

Creating/Changing a Remote Access SSO Password

To do this visit and click the "Change/Set up a Remote Access (Eduroam WiFi/VPN) account password" link as shown below: