Printing over the web

Step 1

Brasenose College provides a service for printing called WebPrint. You can send documents to the college printers from any computer (including your own personal machine) via a website.

To send a document to the printer, you will need to be connected to the internet by either the college wired network, Eduroam wireless network or BrasenoseWiFi.

  1. Start by going to "". You will see this screen.
  2. If you are a student, click 'Student Only SSO' & enter your standard SSO Login details  (click to find out more about SSO login types).
    If you are a Staff or Guest user, click 'Academic, Staff & Guest' & enter your local Brasenose network credentials (same as to log on to your terminal or those you received in your welcome pack)
  3. You can bookmark the page after you login to avoid this screen every time!

PS. If you are using a mobile device, you might need to "View in Desktop mode" for the website to function properly.


Step 2

To print a document, select "Web Print" on the left hand side and then click “Submit a Job”.

Choose where you would like to print the document. There are Printers in the JCR and HCR, the Library and Stallybrass Library, the Porters Lodge, Frewin Computer Room and St Cross Computer Room. If you would like to print Duplex (double sided) or Monochrome (Black and White), you will see there is an option for that.


Step 3

Click at the bottom to continue.

Now choose the number of copies that you would like to print.


Step 4

Finally, upload the files you would like to print.

You can do this by dragging a file and dropping it into the box, or you can click “Upload from this computer” and browsing for the file you want to print. The different file types able to be printed are listed below.

Clicking “Upload & Complete” will submit your document to the printer.


Printing charges at Brasenose

4p per black/white sheet
8p per colour sheet

Double-sided (duplex)
7p per duplex black/white sheet
15p per duplex colour sheet

These prices include a 1p per printed side levy that is collected and donated to a deforestation charity as agreed by JCR and HCR common rooms in 2019.

There are public printers for all students in the Common Rooms , Main Library, Stallybrass Law Library, Frewin Hall computer room (in Frewin Hall).