Initial Setup using Microsoft Authenticator Application for MFA

Initial Setup using Microsoft Authenticator Application for MFA

First, we recommend installing/downloading the Microsoft Authentication app on your mobile devices

For Android Device, please follow this link to download the Microsoft authenticator App

For iOS devices, open the App store and search, Microsoft Authentication on your mobile device.

When yor account switches over or is migrated for two factor authentication, you can use the microsoft app as a method to authenticate your account and the guide below will show you the steps in doing so. when you next try to log in using your univeristy account you will begin the inetial setup.

Sing in using your SSO, bras****@OX.AC.UK, must be in capitals.

Enter your SSO password

You will now be asked to download the Microsoft Authentication App,  which you will have already done so using the Google Play store or iOS App store.

Click Next

now you can begin to configure the Microsoft Authenticator App to help set up your account authentication

Click next

Open Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone device and select add account, choose Work or School account. select  Scan a QR code. Hover your phone over the barcode displayed on your screen and your phone should automatically connect and connect your account. (e.g. see below of barcode set up)

The next screen will confirm the MFA set up has been successful.

Click Next.

You have now completed the MFA Microsoft Authenticator set up.

Click Done.

Now when you next log in, you will be propted to authenticate your account using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone device, by defualt when you first set up the App, you will receves a push notification which will ask you to approve the request to log in. As seen in the image below.

If you have set up your Microsift authentication App to prompt you for a code, Open the Microsoft Authenticator App, select your account and enter the 6 digit number displayed on your phone. Click Verify.