Default sign in method for your two-factor authentication and how to remove a method removing

If you already have set up Multiple method of authentication on your account, this guide is design to help you choose how you want to sign in using a different authentication method.

  1. Go to the Microsoft account page
  1. This will take you straight into your sign in security info, were you sign in methods are managed.
  1. Where it shows Default sign in Method, click change, you should then see a drop down of your methods that you can choose as your default second factor authentication to be prompted with next time you sign into your account.
  1. Select the method you wish to now have as your default two factor authentication. This change will now be your default method to authenticate your account. You can also come back to this setting and make changes again.
  1. To Delete a method, click on the delete option by the method and click OK to complete the change. This can be done to any of your methods.