Issues Logging In

Make sure you are using the right type of login, these are listed below, but if you still can't login, email us at or visit us in the office.

Please keep in mind that SSO and Remote Access SSO (RASSO) are two different accounts with the same usernames, but used for different purposes and they have different paths to set/reset passwords. A summary of their purposes is listed below but you can find more information at the Usernames page.

Standard SSO Credentials - bras****@OX.AC.UK

This is used to login to:

  • Email Services
  • BrasenoseWiFi (initially to get your key)
  • Local computer terminals in college
  • Online university services (weblearn, SOLO etc)
  • Printing (web print)

Remote Access SSO Credentials - bras****@OX.AC.UK

This is used to login to:

  • Eduroam
  • VPN Services

Local Brasenose Network Credentials (Staff & Conference Guests Only)

This is used to login to:

  • College Terminals
  • Brasenose VPN & RDP Services

Upay - Username is your University email address

This is used to log into to top up your University card balance for meals, Gerties, The Bar and to book formal dinners.

Bodleian libraries -Your username is your 7-digit University Card Number

It is used for Bodleian Library Services. You can reset your password here.

Accommodation Online Account - Username is whatever you set it to - often a personal email address.

This is used to accept your tenancy room agreements and keep your Next of Kin Information up to date.  Most problems with accessing this system are most likely because you’re using the wrong username. Generally, you had to create this account before you had a College email address in order to apply for accommodation before you arrived. Therefore, the email address (and hence username) will probably not be your college email but your personal email. Try to remember which email address you used before you arrived at Oxford, and most likely as not this will be the email address /username you need.