How to set up OneDrive

Go to You will see a login box as shown below. Please insert your University email address in the format of abcd1234@OX.AC.UK and click next

Once done, you will see the Microsoft login page, please your SSO credentials to log in.

Once logged in, Click on the four dots on the left hand side and click on All apps

Click on the OneDrive option

To download the OneDrive app, click on the “Get the OneDrive apps” at the bottom of the

Once Downloaded and installed, you will see a little cloud on the tray on Windows (top) and on the menu bar on macOS (bottom)

Open the app. You will need to log in with your university email address in the format of abcd1234@OX.AC.UK and press sign in.

This will take you to the Microsoft log in page where you will need to sign in with your SSO credentials.

You will be presented a screen which indicated the OneDrive location. You can change this by clicking on change.

For Windows

After setting up OneDrive you can click on File Explorer. You will be able to see OneDrive-Nexus365. You can create folders in same structure on Documents, Desktop, Pictures, Downloads similar to how there are laid out in your Windows.

To sync your Documents automatically to OneDrive from your device, right click on the documents folder and go to properties.

Click on the Location tab, and click move

Once select a destination is opened, click on the OneDrive and choose the Documents folder.

Click apply, you will see a screen pop up to ask if you are happy to move the location of your Documents folder to OneDrive, click okay on that. Click Ok on documents properties and close the window.

You can do this for all other folders to sync automatically to OneDrive.

To make sure everything is saved, open File Explorer and go to OneDrive-Nexus365. You should see a green tick next to all the folders and files.

You can access all these files online or through the OneDrive app on Android and Apple devices.

For Mac

To sync your documents to the cloud, put them in the OneDrive - Nexus365 folder that you set up. This folder can be accessed by either clicking the cloud on the menu bar and clicking "Open Folder" on the lower left, or by going to Finder and navigating to the OneDrive - Nexus365 folder via the menu on the left.

You can drag your documents/folders here to sync with OneDrive. If you left click on an item, you will get options such as "Always Keep on This Device" which is useful if you want to be able to access that item while you are not connected to the Internet as well.

You can access all these files online or through the OneDrive app on Android and Apple devices.