Every student has an email account associated with them when they join the university, usually in the form ''. In our case, 'college' is replaced with 'bnc'. Before arriving at Brasenose, you should have received an email sent to your personal address with instructions to setup your SSO account & email. Email is accessed using your college email address the standard SSO Login credentials (bras****).

Freshers - If you have not yet received anything about setting up your standard SSO credentials and activating your email by mid September, please contact

Once activated, your nexus account can be accessed through the web interface, using your email address and your Single Sign-On details (i.e. bras#### and the relevant password).

Alternately, you may prefer to use another interface/email client / device to make accessing both your emails, university calendar and the global university address book easier. Details for setting up your email on various devices & clients can be found here.