Booking the Sports Ground

Where to book

Bookings for tennis and netball at the Sports Ground on Abingdon Road, and squash games at the Iffley Rd courts, should be made online using the sports booking form

While the form does not allow bookings for football or rugby to be made online, you can find contact details for the Groundsman so you can call him to book.

The form is protected behind SSO login – if you are prompted to sign in you should enter your SSO username in the format abcd1234@OX.AC.UK and associated password – these are the same credentials you use to access your University email account.

How to book

Bookings can be made up to two weeks in advance.

Choose your activity by clicking on its name:

Activity selection screen for booking tennis and netball

After selecting your activity, available dates will be shown in a calendar view on the page. The system will allow you to book up to two weeks in advance; dates that are greyed out are not bookable because either they are too far in the future or there is no availability on that day.

View of date picker on booking form

Once you’ve selected a day, beside the calendar you will see a list of available time slots for your chosen activity on that day. Click on the time you want to book for:

View of date and time selection for booking

When you’ve chosen your date and time, scroll down and fill in your details on the form. You will need to provide your name, email address, contact telephone number and select your College from the dropdown menu.

View of the form that must be completed when booking

Click the Book button at the bottom of the page when you’ve filled out all the required information. You will see a message on your screen confirming the booking has been successful.

Rescheduling/Cancelling your booking

Please ensure you cancel your booking if you will not be able to make your appointment, so other people can use the slot instead. If you need to make changes to your booking, you can use the link at the bottom of your booking confirmation email to reschedule or cancel.

Simply click “change your appointment” (highlighted in yellow below) to be taken to a page that allows you to cancel the booking or reschedule it for a different date/time.

Booking confirmation email containing "change your appointment" link


Q: What credentials to I use to log in?

A: Use your SSO username in the format abcd1234@OX.AC.UK and the same password you use for your University email account/SOLO/Canvas etc.

Q. What happens if I see the message “something went wrong” when submitting a booking?

Refresh the page and try booking again – this generally fixes the error message

Q. I get a “stale request” error when trying to access the booking form

A. This can usually be fixed by clearing your browser’s cache or by logging in using a private/incognito tab in your web browser.


In case of any technical issues or queries, please contact (monitored Mon – Fri from 9am – 5pm)